The financial services industry offers a wide range of careers – there are fantastic opportunities for ambitious people of all levels of experience and education.

Australia’s financial services industry continues to evolve in exciting ways thanks to technological change that has created a wealth of roles amid an increasingly disruptive environment.

You might be fresh out of school, a university graduate, or just considering a career change, but the industry could hold your dream job. One of the best ways to land your dream job in the financial services industry is by getting in touch with a contract recruiter or with finance recruitment agencies, like Momenta.

Typically, good salaries and benefits packages can be expected, not to mention the chance to work in different locations as you develop your career. Higher rates can also be expected on some roles, while there is the opportunity to work on high-profile projects, which can significantly enhance resumes.

However, becoming a contractor in this exciting and dynamic field can be just as rewarding, if not more so.

The opportunity to work for yourself is one which can appeal for a number of reasons, and with some uncertainty in the market right now, there’s growing demand for contingent workers in financial services.

Indeed, outsourcing has become a valued way of meeting short-term demand, particularly with review and remediation programs in the wake of financial advice scandals.

Excellent salaries

One of the most attractive things about becoming a contractor in the finance sector can be the excellent salaries that independent professionals command amid strong and sustained demand for great expertise. Wages can sometimes be as much as double that of an average full-time employee.

More control over your finances

You will also have more control over your finances and can look at opportunities to ensure that you make the most of your income, including Superannuation.


Variety of employers is another great reason to go down the financial services contractor route – roles can range from not-for-profit positions to high level banking jobs.  


Of course, flexibility can be a key reason for choosing the contractor path, allowing you more control over your career, including the ability to work when, where and for whom you choose. As a finance contractor, you can take extended holidays, work around other commitments, and get the work-life balance you want.

Skills development

The opportunities for skills development are naturally great as a financial services contractor. Working in a variety of roles and locations will expand your knowledge and help to build a unique skillset which will in turn make you more attractive to future clients.

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