In 2016, Momenta Group put a new strategy for growth and diversification into motion. Part of this strategy is geographical expansion, The first Momenta international office was opened that same year in Sydney, Australia. 

Two years on and the Australian office has established itself as an effective and respected operation, providing confidence that international expansion is a solid and achievable part of our growth strategy. Following the success of Australia, US, Momenta officially opened a US office in New York City on 18th October 2018. 

Momenta takes its market leading selection process for sourcing contractor expertise to the local financial services industry and has already begun sourcing contractors for a major project in the NYC area. 

To allow us to meet our immediate client needs, the NYC office is being managed by 2 experienced members of the Momenta UK team. They are also being supported by a dedicated team in the UK office. During our first months of operation we will begin recruiting a full local team who will drive the business forwards for long term growth. 

You can find out more about Momenta Resourcing in the US by visiting, or visit for more on the group.