If you’re a new graduate, opportunities abound. Work? Travel? Volunteer? The world’s your oyster.

Maybe you deserve a break – degrees are hard work. But once it’s time to live the rest of your life, that piece of paper opens all sorts of doors.

You might think that because your degree has nothing to do with finance, graduate jobs in the sector are out of the question.

But no matter how specialised your degree is, to get it you’ve had to demonstrate a wide breadth of knowledge and the ability to research, evaluate and act.

Those skills will serve you well if you apply for graduate jobs at Momenta.

Graduate opportunities with Momenta

And graduate opportunities with Momenta have a whole host of benefits. For starters, we have contracts with the Big Four financial services companies, so you’ll be working with leaders in their field and picking up experience that will serve you well.

There’s financial support as you work towards an RQF Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, plus a rewarding bonus structure.

We offer a dynamic and encouraging working environment. We want people to enjoy their job, succeed in it, and grow through it – so we offer proper training and routes to professional.

And although you’ll be a contractor, you won’t be “stuck” in an entry position. In finance, graduate jobs allow you experience roles in different companies and business areas.

There’s also the opportunity to move around the country and live somewhere new. That could mean starting out as a call handler/administrator in London. Or perhaps you have the skills to be a junior robotic IT developer in Cardiff. The scope of Momenta’s opportunities is that wide.

Volunteering might be another option

But maybe you’re not ready for corporate culture yet. Volunteering is a great way to bridge that gap. You’ll be showing commitment to a cause, putting in the toil to improve others’ lives. That’s the kind of attitude employers love, opening up graduate career opportunities when you’re ready to enter the workforce.

Of course, volunteering isn’t the only way to broaden the mind. Maybe you want to strap on a backpack and see the world.

Taking responsibility for yourself and experiencing new cultures provides valuable opportunities to grow and learn – and they show the kind of self-starting attitude that many employers prize. Besides, you’re young. Make the most of it. The experience will serve you well in years to come.

And when it’s time to think about your career, think about finance. The graduate opportunities there are rewarding and open doors for you.